Saturday, August 1, 2015

Home on The Bend part 1

Back in May we started building our house, but due to the record-breaking rainfall amounts in May we really didn't get started until June. We were so excited when our builder texted us a picture to say they were breaking ground and when we rode by later that evening to see that dirt work had been started. I'm not usually a fan of dirt, but that day it looked absolutely beautiful.

During the month of June we looked forward to going out to the house every night to see what had been done. The framework of the house came up so fast! They poured our foundation on June 12th and then by the 26th the framework was mostly complete. It was so fun to walk through and finally get a feel for the layout of the rooms after only seeing them on paper for so long.

Getting ready for the foundation - June 11th
We have a foundation! June 12, 2015
Framework Day 1 - June 22nd

Going fast! June 25th
June 26th


Outdoor fireplace

Stucco and column colors finished.. waiting on wood stain for door and ceiling

Roof going on - July 20th
Roof almost finished!
Right now, the house is getting electrical wiring (courtesy of my sweet husband), plumbing, air conditioning and they will soon be starting on sheetrock. The brick should be coming soon too! This week I have been choosing interior paint colors and looking at floor selections. Next week we should have a cabinet design meeting. Whew - so many decisions! But it hasn't been too bad so far, I am just taking it one thing at a time!

One thing we are doing is starting to pray over our house now - praying for God's protection and that our house would always be used for His purposes. That it would be filled with lots of happy memories and would be a safe place during tough times. I read a book earlier this summer, it was actually an interior design book but from a Christian perspective, and the author talked about praying over the rooms of your home and gave some specific verses to pray over each room. We actually wrote some Scriptures on the beams inside the rooms - they will be enclosed but we will always know that we have God's words within the walls. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.

Well, that's all we have for now - I can't wait until the interior starts coming together. Our expected completion date is the end of October, so it won't be much longer!