Well hello! So glad that you found my page! I'm not exactly sure yet what you can expect to find here - but you are welcome to grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile. We will learn together as we go.

I am starting this blog as a twenty-something newlywed - mostly for Andrew & myself to chronicle these years of our lives and to someday look back and remember where we came from. What adventures and stories this will include are yet to be discovered. As there is in life, I know there will be much humor, learning experiences, adventures, bumpy roads, as well as a few tears. One thing I can promise is that the stories shared here will always be real - sometimes serious & thought provoking and other times silly & meaningless - but always straight from our lives.

I take complete ownership of all opinions expressed here and believe that I am entitled to such. 

I hope that you receive something from visiting this page - my prayer is that you will share some laughs, maybe learn from our mistakes, but most of all - be encouraged. 

This is our journey, our story, our life. We will forever be "Young." 


  1. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and loved reading your posts! I especially loved looking at your wedding photos - it was a beautiful day! Congratulations! I've been to Louisiana once and loved it - I look forward to reading your new posts!