Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet Memories

Around this time last year I was in the midst of so many exciting changes - I was about to graduate grad school, move to Louisiana, start a new job, and was planning for the wedding of my dreams to my best friend. Looking back, those are such happy memories. I was so busy at the time but did my best to soak it all in. During all of that, we also took engagement pictures. I loved the pictures from the time our photographer sent them to me, but looking at them now I think they mean even more. I love looking at us in the pictures and realizing how much we've grown and changed - as individuals and as a couple - since we took them. I loved Andrew then but compared to what I feel for him now it seems as though I only thought I loved him. Marriage has changed me - Andrew has changed me. He makes me want to be a better person and everyday I learn a little more about love, a little more about grace, and more about putting others need before my own.

I enjoyed looking at these photos again today and realized that in the midst of all the craziness, I never shared them publicly. I think my photographer shared a few, but the ones I post here are my favorites. 

A little background - a month or so before we were to take pictures, Andrew and I were riding around on a Sunday afternoon as we often do, looking at property and dreaming about the day we would own our own. He wanted to show me a pecan orchard and plantation home that he fell in love with when he went to buy pecans for business gifts. I was instantly in awe myself, but as a girl with a wedding on her mind, all I could think was how I would love to take our engagement photos there on the beautiful live oak lined drive. We never thought it would become reality and Andrew cautioned me not to get my hopes up. Of course I did anyway and with the help of a family member, we were able to get in contact with the owner who graciously allowed us to take our photographs there. (I will also add for you Duck Dynasty fans, that this is the same property where they later filmed their intro).

Another funny story comes to mind. Our precious photographer, Lauren Liddell saw a willow tree in a neighbor's yard while she was driving in and asked if we knew who lived there. We did not but she thought it would make a great picture. So here we go taking off into another person's yard who we really didn't know - we just hoped that if they saw us outside their window, they would feel honored that we wanted pictures with their tree :) The pictures turned out great and I even used one of them for our save the dates. 

I had anticipated the pecan orchard photos and planned props that meant a lot to us. We sat on a blanket hand stitched by Andrew's great grandmother, I wrapped lace around a glass bottle of my great grandmothers, along with other small but meaningful details.

Some of my favorite pictures we made I had not planned at all. Isn't it funny how that works out? Lauren loves to take pictures in open fields at sunset and for good reason. We trekked a couple hundred yards across from the pecan orchard to a wild coffee bean field which was absolutely breathtaking at sunset. Oh the joys of living in the South! I wish that sunset would have lasted awhile longer but the sun kept sinking lower and lower and we knew that these were the last pictures we would make. My absolute favorite photo was made here, of me kissing Andrew's forehead, him with his eyes closed, just soaking it all in. I think at this point into the session we had finally gotten comfortable enough to just be ourselves and that's why I love it so. It's just us. 

Oh what sweet memories! May we always take one day at a time, living in the moment, not forgetting to thank God for granting us the opportunity to love together. Thank you God for such precious gifts as these.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Liddell

I also realized I never shared our wedding video. How could I forget? Brian Flint captured our day perfectly. Please click on our names below to watch the video.


  1. Stopping in from Kelly's Korner! I LOVE your engagement pictures; they're gorgeous! I'm from PA, but I've got a great love for LA :)

  2. I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner and had to say hello because I'm in Louisiana too! Not only that but we were married this past September too. I guess we're almost twins in a way. Ha! But I absolutely love your engagement photos. They're all gorgeous and I'm not sure how you were able to pick a favorite from them all. I do love the photos with the willow tree, but to me there's just something a little magical about a long row oak trees.

  3. Following you from Kelly's Korner! LOVE your sweet blog so far and I can relate to your thoughts on being married. It has changed me. Excited to follow you!! Oh... and I'm a MS girl AND an Ole Miss girl! So fun!

  4. These photos should be in a magazine!!! Gorgeous!
    And isn't it amazing how marriage changes you (for the better, most times--we hope)

  5. Those pictures are AMAZING! I love the shots with the weeping Willow in the background. We have a dog named Willow and I really wish we had been able to get some pictures in front of one. You looked beautiful!

  6. Following from Kelly's Korner! Ohmy...these photos are STUNNING!! Love them :) You two are so cute!

  7. Thank you all so very much! So blessed to have "met" each of you. Thankful for such a sweet blog community!