Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas to Remember

We decided to spend Christmas at home this year with Andrew's family since we will be spending the week after Christmas with my parents in the Smoky Mountains. It would have been great, but Andrew got sick Christmas Eve with the flu and didn't feel well on Christmas. Then the day after Christmas I got sick too, so we have spent most of the time since Wednesday night in the bed. Actually, most of Andrew's family was sick too, so it is definitely a Christmas we will remember! I realized I didn't take many pictures on Christmas this year - most of the ones I have are in the few days leading up to Christmas - and ones I snapped on my cell phone.

We had Christmas with Andrew's grandparents the Sunday before Christmas and most of us were still well then.

Santa visited Andrew early this year and brought him a Ranger. He has been wanting one of these for a long time! Avery loves it too!

A few months ago, our church started the Heart to Home ministry that many churches are already involved in. We get together once a month with four "heart moms"/older women without children still in their homes and lots of "heart sisters"/younger women single, married with or without kids. At our December meeting with painted Christmas platters - being the perfectionist that I am, I didn't finish mine that night- so the second picture is the final product! I absolutely love how it turned out!

We did make it to the Christmas Eve service at our church before Andrew started feeling too bad. It is one of my favorite traditions. Even before I met Andrew I used to go to the Christmas Eve service with my family. It is such a sweet reminder of the reason for the season - and I love celebrating Christ's birth with so many of our friends and family.

 The Christmas tree was full at Andrew's parents house Christmas morning. We have more than we deserve.

And the mess left over afterwards...

 And finally... Andrew & I got a new sister-in-law for Christmas this year! His brother, Christopher, proposed to his girlfriend Emily in New York over Christmas! We are so excited for them and ready to celebrate in July!

Sorry for the randomness and shortness of this post! I am still in the bed recovering! Hope you and yours had a wonderful and healthy Christmas this year! May God bless you!


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