Saturday, June 28, 2014

SUYL: Hair Edition

The first thing to know about me when it comes to hair is this. I am boring. On any given day you can find me wearing my hair only about 2-3 different ways and occasionally may spot me in a ponytail if I am making a quick run to the grocery store or gym. I have never had my hair dyed save the one attempt for highlights in 7th grade (after that my hair dresser refused saying I had natural highlights enough) and have worn my hair long for as far back as I care to remember. (The one attempt at a bob back in 5th grade still leaves me with nightmares.) I have found what works for me and am not quite brave enough (or stupid enough depending on how you view it) to mess with it. My hair is somewhat naturally curly and I use this to my advantage. I used to try to straighten it but couldn't stand the fact that it took away all my natural volume and left my hair feeling terribly damaged. 

Most days I blow dry my hair regularly and just use hot rollers to give it volume and some curl. Before putting rollers in my hair I spray it with this.

I have only recently discovered this fabulous texturizing spray in the last year and it has made a huge difference in how my hair holds after I take the rollers out. 

I absolutely can't live without these.

Most people that find out I roll my hair everyday think I'm insane and that it takes way too long. To me, it is faster than trying to get it to look right in a ponytail. I can have my hair in rollers in just under 4 minutes and let it set while I put on my makeup. Then when I take them out I spray it and I'm done. Like Kelly, I have discovered the best hairspray is the cheap stuff.

We are actually out of town at my parents right now and I forgot my hairspray at home. My mom has several different types of hairspray but I just can't get the same effect as with Freeze It. I don't know what they put in the stuff but it is heavy duty. 

Here is what my hair looks like on any typical day. This was before work a few months ago.

If we are going out and I feel like I want a more "fixed" look or am fixing my hair for a wedding or similar I love a curling wand. I use a similar style to this.

I can honestly go to bed with my hair curled and wake up the next morning and it looks the exact same.

This is what my hair looks like when I use the curling wand. 

Now since I have some natural curl in my hair if I don't blow dry it I love to use this.

I spray this in and scrunch it with my hands and let it dry naturally and it gives it a wavy like effect. This product is awesome! Sometimes I will add some curling mousse to it as well for some increased curl. I like the Marc Anthony brand.

I don't wear my hair like this too much and can't find a recent picture but here is a throwback picture in honor of curly hair. Of when I apparently didn't know how to match my makeup to my skin color. Oh well. 

When it comes to shampoo I haven't found a huge difference in expensive brands versus cheap brands. I alternate between using Suave Rosemary Mint and Organix Argan Oil. I always condition my hair and rinse it thoroughly. Emphasis on thoroughly because when I go to my hairdresser and she washes my hair she never rinses the conditioner all the way out. I have never complained about it because I'm sure there is something I don't know about how good it is for your hair or something. But my hair will not hold curl for anything after that. And it just feels icky. 

I also use Moroccan Oil on my hair and maybe once or twice a year I do a baking soda rinse on my hair to remove build up. I'm sure you are supposed to do it more often I just never think about it. But my hair feels so clean afterwards. It's as simple as adding water to baking soda and rubbing through your hair then rinsing.

As I said, I'm pretty boring with my hair. For proof here is another throwback picture to my freshman year of college in 2006 when my hair looks much the same as it does now! Maybe one day I will get brave enough to do something different. But until then... 


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