Monday, June 30, 2014

What I Learned in June

How in the world are we already halfway though this year? I can't believe June is already over! This month has been different for me in a lot of ways - it was a dramatic change of pace from what I had been used to.

First of all, I have learned how to relax and live without a schedule. Since this has been my first true summer off since probably high school, I was not at all used to having so much free time! I usually function and am much more productive when I have a schedule to follow and a lengthy to do list. It was a difficult adjustment at first but I have quickly become a lazy bum! Ha.. Maybe not quite but I still did some part time work one day a week and that helped balance it out. It has been good for me to learn how to take it easy and realize its okay to sleep in! And actually finish a few books I had been wanting to read!

I also learned that you can survive a summer at home even if you don't have a swimming pool. All it takes is a $15 pool from Wal-Mart and a beach chair. Perfect makeshift swimming pool in my backyard. 

When I posted this picture to Instagram I had some people who thought I was kidding. I may joke about some things but having to make do without a swimming pool is no laughing matter.

I also learned that true friendships can survive distance and when you finally get to see each other after 6,7 or even 9! months it's as if no time has even passed. I have loved that I have had extra time to travel and visit with family & friends this summer. 

I also realized that I am getting old. Maybe not that old in some people's books but when I log into iTunes and know less than half of the songs in the "What's Hot" category.. I am old. But I am okay with that. I am perfectly content to jam out to my 90s music that was burned to my computer from actual CDs. Does anyone even buy CDs anymore? Oh well, I digress. 

On a less important note, I found a new favorite snack. If you have not tried these yet you are missing out- BIG TIME

Okay well I think that's all for June! We have lots of travels coming up in the month of July so I should be blogging about that soon! Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July! 


  1. Craisins are one of my favorites snacks. And while I've seen the chocolate covered ones, I haven't given into temptation yet though. But I'm pretty sure the next time I spot them, they'll be coming home with me. They just look so delicious!