Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meet Yenifer

When I was in high school, I attended a Casting Crowns concert and learned about an organization that helped children suffering from poverty in third world countries. My heart was touched and I sponsored a little boy in Kenya. For years I enjoyed writing letters to him and receiving sweet drawings and pictures that he would send me. In my third year of college, I moved to Oxford, Mississippi to attend Ole Miss and quit my part time job to focus on my coursework that was growing more intense everyday. I struggled with the decision, but ultimately, I had to give up my sponsor child. I knew that the organization would continue to care for him and prayed that he would get another sponsor. I have often thought about that little boy, what he was doing and how he had been impacted by his sponsorship. I have followed bloggers who travel to those countries with sponsorship programs and anxiously awaited the time when I would be able to sponsor another child.

Recently, I was reading Angie Smith's blog, one of the bloggers that I have followed for years. She was on a trip with Compassion in Peru. As I read this post, something stirred inside me. On the way to church the following Sunday, I mentioned to Andrew about child sponsorship and how I felt that it was something we should do. Before we even entered the church parking lot we had signed up to sponsor this precious little girl. We simply went to this website and she was the first child we saw.

Isn't she precious? I just want to pick her up and squeeze her and tell her how special she is. I want to tell her that she is loved and God has such great plans for her life. I do have the opportunity to write to her and tell her those things, and to me, that is the best part about sponsorship. As a sponsor, you also have the option to join a sponsor tour of your child's country and meet them in person! My hope is to someday be able to travel to Peru and meet Yenifer. What an unforgettable experience that would be.

Want to know more about Compassion? You can visit their website at I am not associated with Compassion in any way, but I am so very thankful for these organizations and what they are doing for these precious children all across the world.


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