Monday, March 24, 2014

A Break in the Busyness

Last Monday night I went to our monthly Heart to Home group and so enjoyed visiting with some precious girls. Our heart moms always make us the best dinner and give us little gifts for the month. It is such an awesome ministry and I have the opportunity to meet some sweet new friends. We always have a short devotional time and this month it was about priorities. There was a lot of discussion – mostly about how busy our lives are that we often don’t have the time to do some of the little things that we wish we could. Like exercise, or bake cookies, or take food to a neighbor. You know how that conversation goes. If you have ever been part of a discussion with any variety of women of all ages.  Busyness. We all are familiar with. We have all wished we had more time.

And I realized something the other night that has slowly been coming on but it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. For the first time in a long time, I can actually say that I am not all that busy. Even though I am working two jobs, keeping up with housework, and trying my best to be a good wife for Andrew – this is nothing compared to what my life used to be like. These things are just day to day busyness, somehow different from being busy every waking moment. After spending 6 years in college, between internships and Master’s projects and moving to a new town to starting a new job, to planning a wedding, to quitting that job and starting a new job and then taking a position with the school system and getting adjusted to a new schedule. I feel like I am finally to a point where I can sit down and take a long sigh. I can look back at those busy times and realize that they are what got me to where I am.  And I do realize that this break – this break from the busyness – has been granted to me for a season. Life will get busier – kids will come and then there will be homework and little league games and gymnastics and weekend trips to the zoo and all of those things that will come with having little ones. But for now… I am going to enjoy this time that God has granted me.

(*If I could hashtag a blog post this one would be #latepost.. I wrote this last week and never got around to posting it.)


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